1. ZEUS: Satellite Network of Rural Schools (Action 3.3.1, e-Learning, Code EL-72, Ministry of Development (Hellas) / General Secretariat for Research and Technology),

2. CONNECT: Designing the classroom of Tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal environments (FP6-2002-IST-1-507844),

3. The RURAL WINGS project it is based on innovation practices and techniques deployed in industrial environments, aiming to the optimization of the new products’ development process. The ultimate goal is the transfer of knowledge and the adjustment of these practices in different knowledge spaces (at school, at work, at home) as a mean for interaction between user needs and technological developments (FP6-2003-Space-1-516161)

4. School – Foresight: Launching a Visionary Quest for the Intelligent School of Tomorrow on the basis of Relevant State-of-the-art Scientific and Technological Achievements, Coordinator (FP6-SAS6-CT-2003-508865),

5. SHIELD: Launching an Educational Scientific Journey on Natural Hazards and Disasters – Exploring Today’s Achievements, Future Challenges & Expectations with Respect to Forecast, Prevention and Mitigation, Coordinator (FP6-SAS6-CT-2003-509029),

6. SKY WATCH: Introducing European Youth in the World of Scientific Research through Interactive Utilisation of a Global Network of Robotic Telescopes (FP6-2003-Science-and-Society-7 – 013609)

7. Investigation of advanced satellite applications adapted to development needs in insular and mountainous regions (ESA – ARTES1) (ESTEC Contract 18399/04/NL/AD)

8. DISCOVERY SPACE: A feasibility study of the business case of the on-line use of a science thematic park of educational purposes (FP6, e-Ten-2004-1 517339)

9. GREEN DRACHMA II: The project aims at building the foundations for the transition from the intensive tourism model to the sustainable tourism model in the geographical area of Halkidiki, North Greece. To do so, Green Drachma II organizes a variety of actions, which will create significant benefits for the targeted organizations-enterprises,

10. CAFIA – Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority – Reference Number CZ 0205-0202 : The project aims to the implementation of a quality assurance and quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 series standard within CAFIA in order to help the organization to achieve the principles setting of the Commission’s White Paper on Food Safety (January 2000) which requires the establishment of such a control system that ensures control of foodstuffs within the whole food chain to strengthen and support food